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Package Contents

The SDK is packaged as a tool under Steam.  Previously this just contained the Pro Mission Tool, but it now includes additional tools and data which are all part of the SDK.  If you own a copy of Flight Sim World, you should find the SDK under the TOOLS section of Steam, under the name "Flight Sim World: Pro Mission Tool".

Once installed the SDK should appear under the Flight Sim World root folder (usually 'FSW' under 'steamapps\common' in the Steam client folder) in the directory 'sdk'.  Inside the folder should be the following:
  • ReferenceAssets: a set of reference art assets to complement the art authoring section of the documentation.
  • tools\3dsmax: tools relating to 3DS Max, see 3DS Max Plug-in the FSW Aircraft Primer, and BGLcomp.
  • tools\FontGen: a tool to generate bitmap fonts for use in XML gauges, see Fonts.
  • tools\GaugeConverter: a tool to assist in converting XML gauges from old formats, see Gauge Conversion.
  • tools\include: C++ include files, see below.
  • tools\lib: C++ lib files, see below.
  • tools\SubstancePainterExporter: batch files to assist with the export of textures from Substance.

C++ files

Include files:
  • atc_msdgids.h: this is related to the SimConnect ATC extensions which are experimental and will be detailed in future SDK documentation.
  • gauges.h: this is for legacy C++ gauges, but is not recommended for new users and is not documented here.
  • gps_info.h: this is for legacy C++ gauges.
  • SimConnect.h: header file for SimConnect, see the SimConnect page.
Lib files:
  • SimConnect.lib: 64-bit library for SimConnect.dll in the FSW root folder.
  • SimConnect_x86.lib: 32-bit library for SimConnect_x86.dll in the FSW root folder. Note that this can only be used for EXE files, not for DLLs loaded by the sim.
Note that the sim will only connect to the matching SimConnect.dll (or SimConnect_x86.dll) released simultaneously.  Do not ship DLLs any other way as they will become obsolete as the sim is updated.